Chapter 2
Volume II

These full nude pics against the window, catching the sunset light.  I love my smiles on these, I look natural without any need for makeup.  I like my hair in the pics too.  

They made me bounce around on a king sized bed, I felt dorky!   I was kind of placed on the spot to masturbate while two strangers (at that time are watching)!  So I was verry nervous and though I love masturbating and playing with myself, this was past the limits of what I was comfortable to do on the camera.   But they let me close my eyes, and think of some hot sexual experiences I had in the past while rubbing and fingering myself.   I could tell the videographer was getting turned on by all this.  The funny faces I was making with my eyes closed is hillarious though, I never knew I did that.  After hard fingering I wet myself when I orgasmed, all over the bed.  It doesnt take too much for me to cum, but I was surprised it happened at all with these guys here.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.