Chapter 3
Volume I

We went to an exotic hotel I used to work in once.  I had a nice silver/grey dress without a bra, and black panties & strappy heels to match it.  The colors in the walls and the sunlight really did wonders on the pictures, I like them a lot.  Boob shots and squatting upskirt shots, then spread shots on a bench are some of what you'll see here, all in my sexy silver dress.

There was a bellhop working at the room next to me and so I was not ready to get naked just yet.   I think I know some people who work here, I don't want them to know!  I was freaking whenever I was doing a topless or upskirt.  Oh I looked so nervous there, shaky hands and all.  The pictures turned out good though.  I had several introduction speeches which I did retakes on and they kept them all.   The videographer was getting all arts with his water fountain stuff.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.