Chapter 4
Volume II

This photo series has become the centerpiece of my website, which is pretty extraordinary since it was still my first day of shooting and I was so nervous & trying to get comforable.  As you'll see I love pink, and I think it makes me look cute whatever I wear.  The tiles make the body shots look hot too.

The video of my stripping down in this bathroom is kind of funny, I'm acting all self-conscious still and learning how to pose.  After my boobs popped out, my little white shorts came off and I did some funky acrobatic angles with my body for some poses.  Then I squished my breasts in some pictures and spread my private part up close in some serious detail.  My nipples were getting really thick an pointy.  I even fingered myself and tasted it.  The best part of the video though was at the very end, where the videographer is backing away from me and trips on some boxes haha!
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.