Chapter 6
Volume II

The first pics were our warm-up pics in black & white taken in the hallway.  Then we went out to some office building where I did my first girl-girl photoshoot.   Hugging & kissing and breastplay stuff.

We were getting ready for our photoshoot, and I was sooo nervous.  I mean I have never kissed a girl before let alone get naked with one!  She is very cute and at least I'll kiss someone that I could be attracted to.  I was even shy getting naked in front of her.  Then she showed me all her cover pages on the FTV wall (5 of them!) she is definitely popular.   I showed off my FTV cover pictures, then the videographer told Janelle to sit on my lap, play with my nipples and give me a kiss.  I turned soo red in the face.  That was my first kiss with a girl ever.
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