Chapter 8
Volume I

Cute dollie pics with another pink shirt and a pair of panties I brought with me on the bed!  I think it was almost midnight when we took these pictures, but they look good.  I'm in my ponytail again, and with absolutely no makeup, right out of the shower.  So you see me as plain as I ever get.  I have that cute babyface so without makeup in some pics I look even younger than 19. 

The first part is us riding back and I'm being interviewed .   I'm from Omaha Nebraska, play field hockey etc.... They were asking sexual questions but after deflecting most of it, we talked about my athletic program.  I started turning sarcastic when he kept asking more and more questions!  A few hours later in my pink top and some casual pants we did a whole other photo series with my boobs looking bigger than ever. 
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