Halloween Bonus
Volume I

We should have shot this a week ago, but today was the 29th, just two days before Halloween.  I bought two hot outfits from a specialty store and this cop uniform was one of them.  Its the first time you see me in boots too.  I always wanted to do the cop thing on Halloween and this was the perfect day for it!  Fishnet stockings was my special touch.  Then a neighbour came by to see whats up, and so we used him as my arrest victim hehe.  I bet he didn't expect that!  Hey, now at least he is immortalized on Lia19.  So, do you think I look hot in uniform? 

The photographer has a bad habit of pushing the speed limit, and I had to teach him a lesson.  So I stop him in the middle of the street, and ask for his license & registration.  No sooner does my breasts fall out of my uniform, and my butt shows pretty clearly too.  Later on in the day I make a stop over at his house, I got some complaints that there was too much noise coming from there.  I didn't make an arrest, but I did give him a warning with my erect nipples.
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