Halloween Bonus
Volume II

My next outfit?  I always wanted to do the pirate thing, even if its in heels.  One way or another, it looked too sexy on me so I had to wear it.  So you like the Cop or Pirate better?  Email me and tell me about it.  Then a creature happens to drop by and challenge me on my boat (more like the roof of the house but anyways hehe) and I have to take him out.  Some swordplay and kneeing in the right places takes the creature out.  Why is it that I get the plastic sword, and the creature got the real one?  The rest of the pictures are inside where things get a little more explicit and butt shots that I'm sure you'll like. 

Some sword fighting scenes with me and the creature, but I cannot help but crack up, I can't keep a straight face hehe.  I think the person under the creature outfit is a Star Wars fan because he tries to teach me lightsaber tricks.  After I take him out, there is a little more video of me much later at night, like 4am or something, after we went out to a Halloween party in my pirate costume.  So there is some video of me passed out on the bed with my breasts out and panties gone.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.