Halloween Bonus
Volume III

I bought this outfit just a few days ago, to get our halloween shoot done.  Hadn't even worn it until we started the shoot!  I was pretty confident about the size and stuff, and the memories of my police officer shoot from last year still haunt me hehe.  So the photographer took me to a brand new location, actually where Amy of FTV was shot last.  People are everywhere, but I keep my eye open.  Now to the pics!  I loved how the yellow dress contrasts the colors in the background, and I thought the pictures were quite sharp.  There's some nipple through steel beams pics that you'll have to see, I know one of my members at least who so likes that stuff!

First fully dressed, then I slowly strip down and sit on a lonely chair in this office building that is under construction.  You can hear people in the background talking, so as usual I get a little nervous!  But its all ok, I don't get caught this time, and so I take everything off, and parade around naked through the construction place.  That was another member request, more 'on location' fully nude walking around... so here it is!
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.