Chapter 100
Volume I

Wow... what can I say?  Its now chapter 100, and I have over 200 photo/video sets on my site.  Can you believe it?  And they are all in different places, styles, etc...  One of my number one members has sent me a flag he made, look at the size of the thing!  I pose with it and start undressing from my cute orange top and bottom, but then the flag falls off the top and hits me on the head!  Picture #120 & 121 tell the story hehe.  So the rest of the pics are me naked in the 'office' upstairs, where I answer all my emails and stuff.  Got a new laptop.  Also notice the shirts my member Thomas got me, they all have quotes that I tend to make... too many times!

Sitting with no bottoms on, and a shirt saying 'nobody's perfect all the time' that my member Thomas made for me.... and listening to 'Raindrops Falling on My Head' on a cd that he made for me.  Well you get to see my new place for the first time, its still spartan in furnishing but the key is the Lia Flag!  Look at how big it is!  I got naked and wrapped the whole thing around my body like a sheet.  Then with the help of Carmen (my dog) I wrote out a thank you note to Thomas.  Well more like a drawing.  Anyways, besides Thomas, I do thank all of my members who have been with me for a week, month, year... the Lia19 site has changed my life (for the better) and beyond boosting my confidence, its helped me get a place like this condo.
Copyright 2005 RHS Photography, L.L.C.