Chapter 101
Volume I

Don't let the beautiful location fool you!  The weather is very hot right now, the hottest it gets in Phoenix.  I mean 110+ degree weather.  I do handle it well though, don't you think?  No sweat dripping off my face melting my makeup hehe.  You might remember seeing me wear this black skirt before, but its a long time ago.  I thought it matched well with the black top and heels.  I've done my hair just a few days ago, so the roots don't show as much.  My favorite picture is #100, the first one, and I like the series #124 thru 129.  I think they would've made for a better coverpage than this one, but the photographer wanted more color.

We're at a resort I've been to before, but not on camera.  They have some very fancy casitas and pools, but we went to the far side of it, where it isn't as busy, with lots of ducks and stuff.  The photographer wanted me to go to the ducks and feed them or something, but with what? My fingers?  No way hehe.  Even with it not being so busy I was watched through the hotel windows and I'm sure many people saw that our shoot was more than 'fashion', if you know what I mean!
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