Chapter 102
Volume I

The photos we took at the balcony of my new condo, kind of made me nervous because my neighbors walk around right below it and they can see me topless.  I want to try to be a 'good' neigbour and not disturb the peace if you know what I mean hehe.  Took these right after sunset, the sun went down pretty fast and before you know it, it was nighttime.  The rest of the pics were done in the hallway where I strip down completely.  My new place isn't finished, it will take some time to fill up with furniture. 

A member sent me a necklace, that actually looks pretty good on me.  I chose a dress that would match it (more like a shirt), and my breasts look good in it.  I started squishing my breasts and making my nipples all perky through the shirt, then pulled it down to expose my nipple.  I tugged on it more and then went into my walk-in closet.  I kind of wanted to show my closet, which is already full, even though half my clothes aren't there yet.  Then I went back to the mirror, and gave myself a creamy breast massage.  I was down to my bare bottoms at the end, and my body looks good in the mirror hehe.
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