Chapter 103
Volume I

In our quest to find more open public places, we found a new spot that was pretty gorgeous, and close to where I live!  I didn't want anyone I know to find out what I was doing, that is running around in a schoolgirl outfit without a bra and no panties.  The shoot was really cute though, the plaid skirt was something a friend of mine wore for a shoot, and I always wanted to pull that look off.  Didn't have the right shirt but the long sleeved button shirt is cute.  It also lets my nipples stand out a lot.  Just look at picture 117-119.  Don't you just want to bite'em? hehe.  Some nice butt shots too, I have a better tan now.

I'm sitting on the edge of the railing on the 2nd floor, and you can see up my skirt.  No panties of course.  Then I hop around a bit, do some twirlies while the camera is really low.  Some more on the stairs, so I guess you can call this shoot the 'upskirt' shoot.  There is at least one time when some lady saw what I was doing, but didn't say anything about it.
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