Chapter 104
Volume I

There's some really nice photography in this one, some very sexy, some erotic.  I mean look at this cover page, I like it.  But my favorites are the non-nude ones (well there is sheer seethrough) like the first in the series next to the window.  The sun was coming down fast, so it got darker in the pics over time.   Somehow the photographer managed to get up my skirt in a few pics without me knowing it.  The tiles in the kitchen of my new condo make for a great background too, when I'm crawling on it.

Its true, I'm a fan of the 'Rat Pack', especially James Dean.  Who isn't?  Well actually most of my friends my age have no clue, but my father was a big influence on it.  Some people say he kind of looked like Frank Sinatra when he was younger.  Well the video captures my private parts through my sheer lingerie, and I start rubbing on the stairs, then I sit in a chair facing like you see in the cover page and start with a vibrator that is very powerful.  I tried to keep it away from full power but then it would turn off sometimes, and the best part was when I had my orgasm, and it turned off suddenly.  It was a good thing it happened right after, and not before, that would've sucked.  It was a good an long orgasm this time, I think this kind of 'rocket' shaped vibrator is my favorite overall.
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