Chapter 105
Volume I

Aaah those were the days... me & Alison were fast becoming best friends, many people though of us two as sisters or something.  We would do everything together.  But things change when it comes to business I guess.  She has a website like mine now, similar in style, but just launched (mine is almost 2 years old now).   So the pics are of us all together, playing, fooling around, just being two happy girls on the bed.

It starts with us having a pillow fight, of course she is bigger than me, and stronger it seems, so she was winning most of the time.  I was being my good old dorky self, cracking up jokes and making fun of my little girl Alison.  Its definitely a cute video, for a lot of laughs.  Then the second part she masturbates on that bed, the bed I masturated on camera for the first time.  She's just as sexual as me, but I think I know how to handle men better.
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