Chapter 106
Volume I

Its been a while since I've done nude shoots, make that like a month.  The photographer was waiting on me to come back from all my crazy trips, so we could get shooting again.  I've been to Florida, New York, and Washington doing non-nude shoots, but more importantly, recruiting models and shooting them.  I'm like a mini-FTV shooter getting better with every shoot.  The dress I wanted to wear is only good for shoots like these, because its completely seethrough.  My darker areolas and long nipples really stand out in this thing.  All the pics were taken on the roof, the sunset wasn't as great because of the clouds, but the pics are nice.

Sitting on the edge of the roof, I've got my breasts out and I get naked for all on the nearby highway to see.  Well they could see if they slowed down, but sometimes I wonder if someone looking up would be risking an accident because of my posing up here.  Would you get charged for indecent exposure then?  Well it is a private home and not a public place.  Anyways, I also talk a lot about whats been happening in my life more recently.
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