Chapter 107
Volume I

Notice my new hairstyle?  Its got a mix of highlights and my natural hair color in the mix.  The photographer says my breasts look bigger again, I guess they are bigger today.  The best part of course, is the nipples.  Big and succulent the way you like it hehe.  But seriously, some nice photography of my body in skirt and corset, and a few butt shots along the way.

Well I was full of energy today, been busy helping out some shoots like my Isabella & Jamie one, and another hottie who squirts, Lisa.  I was on the phone giving some info to another upcoming model about some shoots in the local phoenix area.  I had a pile of clothes & corsets with me, mostly lingerie stuff that I just bought, never really worn yet.  Stuff for shoots if you know what I mean.  So I put on two different outfits, and the photographer zoomed in on his favorite parts when he could.
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