Chapter 107
Volume II

Its another hot day in Phoenix, almost 100 degrees in October!!  So I had my mind set on a car wash scene, to cool down and because my car was dirty.  Though I think the car ended up with more water spots in the end than a good cleaning.  I had this orange two-piece that looks good on me, and you'll like seeing wet.  I thought picture #144 was the hottest but the photographer picked this one as the coverpage.  Must be my cheezy smile he liked haha. 

I never really did a total 'car wash' video before, and I mixed it up with a bit of 'wet t-shirt' stuff.  I hosed down my car first (yes, its still my baby!) and let the water wet my body.  No panties as usual, so while I'm bending over my car the camera swings to butt view.  No doubt my breasts fall out of my top, and they get soaking wet, with buds of water dripping from my nipples.  I wasn't alone, there were neighbours that caught all this, but looks like they don't care, they've seen other girls do this before!  By the end, I was totally naked fooling around with the water hose.
Copyright 2005 RHS Photography, L.L.C.