Chapter 108
Volume I

Now this flowery corset is the cutest, don't you think?  I know you'll probably rush to the video, but take time to look at the photos.  It was a cute sunset, just right for the porch area, and before all the distractions started, we got a lot of nice photography.  My hair was just right, and some of my most recent favorites are in this series.  #112, 114, 130 and so many more are my favorites, and theres more than 50 to enjoy. 

It all starts serious, I'm looking away at the sunset, then move to the wooden chairs, and start playing with my breasts.  But neighbors behind me come along and act like they aren't watching, but I see them there in the distance.  It becomes even more distracting when neighbors from the other side of the house start peeking too.  Its as if they were all prepared to watch me masturbate.  On top of it all, a strange cat without a tail starts running up to me meowing and stuff.  I tried rubbing and doing it there but I had to move down to the stairs where they couldn't see me as well, and I used a vibrator because without it, I wasn't going to orgasm so quickly!
Copyright 2005 RHS Photography, L.L.C.