Chapter 109
Volume I

This outfit combo is another one of my ideas, I think it all goes very well together.  Its a bit cooler now, I don't melt to death in this weather.  But I can't complain now, because while we are having perfect 80 degree weather here in November, everywhere else you need a jacket or its snowing already!  The 'fur' jacket is more for style and the short skirt is more for my website.  Kind of too short to be walking around on the street hehe.  The hat and heels finish the combination.  I like the sunset pictures the best. I kind of feel the J-Lo vibe in this outfit. Another hot photoset for sure!

My breasts get most of the attention in this video update, where I unzip my jacket and expose my breasts.  There's some seats where we did the sunset shoots, so I sit down and start giving my breasts a very hard breast massage.  The skirt is so short that you'll be able to watch my private parts at the same time.  Some guy (who probably had no idea) walked down to where I was sitting and I took off like a rocket!
Copyright 2005 RHS Photography, L.L.C.