Chapter 109
Volume II

The photographer likes to experiment with all kinds of lighting, and this one really turned out amazing.  In fact, the later it got, and the darker, the pics got sexier.  I didn't have white heels for this fishnet top I was wearing, but the gold heels somehow made up for it, and looked even better with the after-sunset glow.  See for yourself, the picture to the side, I like the smaller on in the inset and thats why its there.  The photographer always seems to like me in the strangest poses!  The reason why I look like that is that I'm standing on a ledge, and its 3 stories down if I fell!  But the effort was worth it, I got an amazing photoset for tonight. 

Its nighttime, and my veteran members know what that means!  I'm more sexual at night, especially after the sun sets.  Its probably because I'm a night person, and most of my 'activity' happens then.  An hey, I like to sleep in when I can!  So I start playing with my breasts, and using my fingers out on the balcony, then I get to use (for the first time ever) the insane super powerful vibrator that girls like Lisa have squirted with.  Well guess what, I 'wet' myself, its always hot for you guys but I'm not so excited about my juices flowing everywhere.  I guess it will be a long time before I ever get used to it!
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