Chapter 10
Volume I

I didn't like this shoot too much, for some reason I look thick in them.  Maybe because he was using a wide-angle lens?  Well I was wearing a plain pair of panties but it matched my tan shirt (one of my favorite shirts to wear casually) and tan heels.  It all matches the tan couch!  The ones with me lying on the couch are better, I think I prefer my hair down than in ponytail.

My seethrough panties worked pretty well on video, you can see my pubic patch and all the other good private details.  They had me squashed posing on the chair so I looked a little chunky in my opinion.  In the second part I was lying down and pull my panties off and show off my big boobs, and...  my butt.  For once I like these butt shots of me.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.