Chapter 10
Volume II

A smaller photo update of me posing behind the window, it had a nice effect.  I like my abs in these pics.  Then the rest of the pics are me playing with my panties and a snapshot of my panties inside my private part.  Yikes!

The video is in the spirit of, where a lot of girls stuff their panties completely inside their private part.  I tried the same thing, though I admit it was very strange for me to do it the first time.  I wasn't even sure I could get them inside me like that.  I played with my panties first, then quickly put them inside me.   I was getting nervous again!  Look at my facial features hehe  In the end though it was easier than I thought, and then I pulled them out slowly.  Look at my face when I'm pulling them out & smelling them its funny.  
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.