Chapter 111
Volume II

Hrmmm... I don't know if I'd pick that picture to the left as my coverpage, I kind of look mean in it.  Well the sun was in my face, and it was soooooo cold.  I think it was the coldest day I've ever shot outside.  Not sure what's going on, but here in Phoenix its never this cold, at least not in December!  52 degrees might sound warm to some of you in snow but I'm naked and that chilly wind... wow.  But the outfit was so cute, and the white boots totally match this combo.  My nipples get as hard as they'll ever get with the cold, they stick out half an inch at least!  My favorites here are #131, 134 and 143, probably because I'm being dorky in them & not serious.

With the cold weather and my nipples being so hard, the photographer enjoyed taping me playing with my breasts and watching how they popped out of my shirt.  And that skirt is so short there's no need to pull it up to get the sun shining on my private part.  I also talk about my run-in with a FTV member who recognized me and his friends did too...
Copyright 2005 RHS Photography, L.L.C.