Chapter 112
Volume I

Ohhh... its been a while since I've done cutsie stuff, especially in pigtails.  To give it a twist, I made it into braids too.  We've been shooting outside in practically every shoot for ages now, so its time for something in a comfortable, private place like this bed full of fluffies.  I couldn't decide which part I liked more, the mirror shots, or the bed shots, but there's a couple of closeup angles to my private parts, for those of you who want an update of how it looks nowadays hehe.  Its all the same, since I don't really have much sex right now, no boyfriend! 

Sooo.... some video of cutsie me in the bathroom fixing up my hair, talking about boyfriend issues, then off to the bed... I act asleep then wake up and start rubbing myself over my panties, then going underneath and pulling it aside so I can really get my fingers there.  The toy of the day is a pretty strange lavender one, which has a soft natural skin texture on it which pretty much surprised me (I don't get pre-video practice with these toys, the photographer just pulls out one at random and gives it to me).  Well it kind of was strange at first, but the vibrations made me orgasm anyways.
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