Chapter 118
Volume II

Well finally here! Day one of my trip to Mexico with some of my friends. Right when we got there my girlfriend Nikki and I went to scope the place out for college guys. hehe.  Not to many where there yet. So i come back to the condo we are staying at, it called "the princessa" like me. Well here I am getting ready to hit the beach get some sun and to do some shooting. First however I have to make sure I am properly oiled so my body looks all greasy and wet in the sun. Plus I love the way it smells. Just like coconut! Yummy!!! Makes you want a lick huh? Then I try on about 50 of the 100 bikinis I have with me. Some of them are even thongs!!

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Like Arizona Mexico has some of the prettiest sunsets ever. Plus were on the ocean! The wind was blowing my skirt up and all I had on underneath was my black and white polka dot g-string. Then this couple drove up to get it on in there car. So I just got off around in the sand with my butt in the air. I was kinda getting a bit excited. I grab the cam and do some light below the belt touching with a special mexico shout out to all my members at the end.
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