Chapter 118
Volume III

Okay no need to start panicking! Its fake it's called a hena tattoo. I will go away in about a week. I would never get a tattoo in Mexico of all places. In the outsides "Borgata" you can walk up and down the street going into all of the mom and pop shops. I met this man name YoYo. All the t-shirts in his shop had nasty, dirty, ect..... saying on them. I wish girls could wear t-shirts like that sometimes. Anyways I let YoYo pick my tattoo and let it be a surprise to me when I watch the video later. I had my butt all in his face. Don't think he minded. I was just hoping he wasn't putting the tattoo of the naked guy on me....

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Its a shopping adventure in Mexico allright, but first, I get changed into my blue bikini top & bottom (getting naked in the car) then off to the shops.  I pick out the temporary tattoo, and he puts it on!
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