Chapter 119
Volume I

The first set of photos is my new 'office' room, its like complete now with this poster print I have dominating the entire one side of the wall.  Its a detailed map of... you guessed it!  Phoenix!  (And the surrounding cities too)Looks cool doesn't it?  The other part of my shoot is a white dress, with funky fluffy boots.  This is the sort of outfit you might catch me wearing on a colder day here in phoenix (without the missing panties of course!) 

2000kb/sec High Resolution Video
Who says that pics and video has to match all the time. The pics here are half sets that I have combined because I like them both and wanted to share.
The video is a bit different from my cutie pie outdoors pics. I was very dirty and need a shower very bad. Maybe it is because I needed my shower massager really bad.
I love the way it feels tapping on my inner skin. I cant believe I had shown all my members yet. Be aware Hot Wet good times inside this video.
Copyright 2006 RHS Photography, L.L.C.