Chapter 120
Volume I

Hope you find this sexy!  The lingerie is one-of a kind, I bought from an expensive store in Vegas.  Sort of thing you'd probably want to see me in if I was in your house, your bedroom, seducing you.  Easy to take off, but do you really want to?  Or just slip the top to the side, let my breasts hang out, peel my panties to my thighs, and have your way with me. 

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I was kinda bored decided it time to put some of those gold flowing locks back in my hair. Then I went into my bathroom wearing some white see threw little tank top with matching booty shorts. My nipples feel weird rubbing against these type of materials. Kinda staring to like it. After starting to get a bit turned on I decide to lather up with sticky lotion in front of the mirror. I love the sound it makes when you use a lot......
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