Chapter 122
Volume II

When you stay in fancy hotel in Paris they give you a bottle of champagne upon arrival along with fruit, crackers, and stuff like that. In fact my room was called the champagne suite. So I remembered a shoot from FTV that I had assisted on with one of my girlfriends Michelle where she used a wine bottle. I thought it was really HOT!!! So I decided to give it the old college try. So I begin sucking , licking, spitting, rubbing you get the idea.... Kinda reminds of that song "Tiny Bubbles" hehe.

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The champagne bottle was sort of inviting, and many members asked for something a little more kinky, so I give it my version of a blowjob, then grind against it and rub the tip against my private parts.  Using a mirror on the floor you get views from both sides!
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