Chapter 124
Volume II

Well I am sharing my photos (well some of them) with my pals over at Beverly Hills Pimps And Hoes. This is the clothing line that gave me all the free gear when I was at the Korn concert. Which is the best band in the world BTW. Anyways  the pics have a bit of edge to them and I add a whole lot of attitude. But you know me after awhile the nice shoot has to end and the let the Lia shoot begin. With cowboy boots, a little micro mini skirt, bandana, and complete with a white tiny tee with the GOT HOS logo. Love the clothes and the panties too. But I will save them for another shoot. MUAH thx B.H.P.A.H's 

2000kb/sec High Resolution Video
Well only one thing to do when your dress like me is this video.... Pimp it. Back  by popular demand....DRUMROLL.....I rock out to one of my favorite cd's. With plenty of low camera angles to see up the skirt. Lots of hip movement and being outside in the Arizona heat, I begin to bust my move and take it off for all  of my favorite homies (my members) hehe.  
Copyright 2006 RHS Photography, L.L.C.