Chapter 126
Volume I

Hey guys, look what I've got in the mail!  Well this fellow member of mine prepared a package with cd's and custom-made T-shirts.  He's a fan of mine who also has a myspace page and met me through there.  Anyways, I open the box, go topless (I got a pretty dark suntan, and tan lines!)  By the way I was sort of sick, I don't know what it is but when I got back from my flight, I just had this sore throat and everything... most of the pics are of me being dorky and completely naked.  You will like. 

2000kb/sec High Resolution Video
So sitting poolside, the weather is nice and hot, I open my giftbox, and try on one of the T-shirts, then play with my breasts.  My breasts are 'medium' size today... so I go back indoors, and do you notice something different?  My hair is darker now, almost brown!  Hope most of you don't mind the change.  Then the video turns into an extreme closeup of my private parts...
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