Chapter 129
Volume I

Well I have decided to bring my friend Jackie to watch my shoot. she was eager to see how things really came about. So I made her my own little helped. first something to wear. I brought over more than enough outfits but with the bad weather outside wasn't to sure what to wear. bikinis, dresses, bra and panties???  Well I let her go through them and then give me the thumbs up or thumbs down. I really wanted to get her involved maybe even me dress her up. or down hehe. photo wise it's just 2 gals pals trying to find something to wear with alot of up skirts and goofing off.

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Well I lay out my whole modeling bags contents for my girlfriend Jackie. we both bend over and crawl all around trying to pick our favs. then after she picks one I strip down and put it on and do a little modeling in it for her. A lot of sneek peeks. by Jackie and the camera. after finding something, we both said something still was missing then Jackie turns into my very own designer where she begins slicing ,cutting , and ripping at my little dress. her wanting it to be super short was soooo hot. I love my girlfriends they are such good hot little helpers.
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