Chapter 12
Volume I

Like my cute heart-pattern cotton bra & panties?  Its something I wear to bed a lot at night, because they are comfy and don't leave marks on your body when you wake up.  I posed on the super-comfy bed and slowly pulled my bra & panties aside for the Lia extra-special nude teases.  My favorite pics are 107 and 122, I like my body in them and my smile.  My skin looks soo soft in the pics, but its true, it is soft to the touch!

You want butt shots?  There's lots of them in this part, from when my panties are still on to where they are off and I'm spreading my butt cheeks for those deeper peeks between them (and a little finger action too).  My fav pics are 230 and 239, the colors are amazing and you can see the sunset.  Oh and my poses are hot I'm sure you'll like them, especially my doggy style stuff.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.