Chapter 130
Volume I

Well I am wearing layers even thought in Arizona right now it is about 1000 degrees out!!!! Just more to take off I guess. So I am at this office building with these really pretty  columns that I thought would be good to shoot a set at. Only problem is it is on the corner for a real busy off ramp so car are flying by as flash my breast and take my panties off. Oh well it's  after hours at the location so I manage to get pretty naked for some HOT photos. All for you! 

2000kb/sec High Resolution Video

Well it begins at a place I have never been before.... A public bus stop where I start to show some skin for the camera across the street.  Tons of up-skirts as well. Then its on location where the camera follows  up and down a stairwell. All the butt lover should really really dig this!! Then it some over and under the panties with some finger action.  A lot of good angles and up close shots in this set. Then its time to go even thought I didn't want to.. FTV guy has a date ;)
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