Chapter 132
Volume I

Tan vest, white bra, and white pants... that's what I've got to wear today, and we find a quaint area that reminds me something out of Philadelphia, not Phoenix.  I get undressed, but there were so many mosquitoes there!  I got bit dozens of times.  The photographer of course, wasn't bit.  Anyways, lots of cute pics for u.  

2000kb/sec High Resolution Video
What else but walking on a busy street, on a sunny and HOT day, drawing attention to myself and exposing my breasts?  Then I go to a random house, knock on the door, pull my breasts out, and use my long nipples to pick the lock.  Then I pull my pants down in the parking lot, and a police car drives by!  He didn't turn around so I'm guessing that he didn't see me.  Lucky me.  When we go back home, I put on these funky shoes that a member bought for me.
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