Chapter 133
Volume I

I thought... hair in pigtails or ponytail??  Ponytail looks better on me not like alison's pigtails.  It sort of ended up like a 80's style ponytail but cute and different.  Its all about pink baby... my top is sort of seethrough and my nipples show and my panties match the toy I'm using.  I didn't want it to be too babydoll but cute enough to pass and some sexy shots with the sun going down. 

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Well this is the biggest toy I've ever used, and I really did try pushing it deep inside me!  No, I've never had a penis this size either.  They call this toy the 'long pink', on FTV, whatever that means, but its almost 10 inches long.  Not that I took the whole thing down mind you.  I rubbed it against my private part till the good stuff happened.
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