Chapter 136
Volume I

I am all business today. Well at least my look is hehe. This is the sort of thing I would put together to wear if I was going to a job interview. Do you think I would get the job lol?  My day glow red / orange spandex top is sooooo tight that I can’t even wear a bra underneath. Let alone breath lol. It has a fishnet like texture to it so if feel great when you rub your hands or other body parts across it.  My nipples stand out the shirt is part of my body. Being inside in Arizona with the air condition going full force keeps them rock hard the whole time. Then a micro mini black skirt with some lace see threw panties were all that covered the lower half of me (not for long). In the end all that remains is my black strappy stilettos. Which makes for a smoking hot picture update. 

2000kb/sec High Resolution Video
Being in the new FTV house with nothing else in it, we really have to use our brains when it comes to video. The one thing that is a no brainier for me is to show off my pink puffy erase like nipples for the camera. Seeing them from all sorts of angles.  Throwing in a super intense breast massage, as well as  a strip down, up skirt,  camel toe, a bit of rubbing, and goofing around in this giant plant vase. Almost like I was some snake charmer (no pun intended hehe). I managed to keep myself entertained.
Copyright 2006 RHS Photography, L.L.C.