Chapter 137
Volume I

Going back to my roots and what I do best for these pictures. What’s that you’re wondering??? Well bikini modeling duh. I slip into this new designer jet black two piece I had picked up on one of my recent modeling trips. Even though it is getting colder I can’t resists buying more swimwear. Plus I live in Arizona so bikini season last a little bit longer for us. So hi – fashion is the feel to the beginning of the images then it turns to more extreme close ups of my breast and nipples. Keep an eye out for the goose bumps and the water dripping and splashing off my nipples.

2000kb/sec High Resolution Video
It is the first time for anybody to do a set in the new ftv pool, but sad to say it may be one of the last bikinis for an awhile due to the winter weather that is on its way. YUCK!  UN – less someone wants to take me on a tropical vacation to shoot maybe like the Bahamas. Or I am open to ideas, I’m not picky lol. Getting wet today was a little bit cold.  But I am a tough gal and took the first swim in the new pool. Which looks like it could go on forever. So I splash around to keep warm and remove my top for a little bouncing up and down. Then I say goodbye to my bottoms for a really good view of the goose bumps that cover me from head to toe.
Copyright 2006 RHS Photography, L.L.C.