Chapter 137
Volume II

After get squeaky clean in a hot shower. I felt there was no better time to get up close and personal in my pictures.  The wardrbode for this is nothing but a towel. Which I don’t keep on very long at all.  So my birthday suit and a big bed were the only things left. Tons of up-close and personal images as I get myself turned on. Not to mention really wet.  Extreme close ups and me unwinding down very naturally the way I relax the best. By pleasuring my self with myself hehe. 

2000kb/sec High Resolution Video
I am super wet and I don’t just mean from my shower. After getting myself really excited I perch myself up against the back bed post for some intimate finger action. Giving the camera a different point of view, so you get the whole picture of how into myself I was at this moment. No sex toys that is unless you count my hand.  A finger or two and little bit of spit is sometime the best way to make me orgasm. Afterward it’s a quick cat nap to recover than back into the shower for some more fun.
Copyright 2006 RHS Photography, L.L.C.