Chapter 138
Volume I


Let me be the first to introduce everyone if you already don’t know her, one my new best friends I traveled all the way to New York City to spend sometime with this little heartbreaker. Here is the first of many to cum hehe. This first one we slipped into and out of these matching dresses I had brought with me that I have been dying to shoot in with some super sexy blonde. I think I founder her. A lot of touching a bit of kissing and for me a tummy full of butterflies.  But I think we almost look like sisters shooting together and there is just something mouth watering about that.  Being that I was in New York for Halloween she had a ton of candy left over so we both have bright red blow pops shove down our throats in the beginning. Which you wont have to stare at our naked bodies too long before you can figure out who is the aggressive one.  We lose the dresses to show off the goods. Which is all it took for Ann to get turned on and throw me on the sofa. I can barely speak I was so nervous. Good times!

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