Chapter 138
Volume I


After being around my super sexy girlfriend All I want to do it get her in I in something sexy like bedtime attire. Where I wanted to play the game “ 2 hot blondes on a bed man handling each other while we take pictures. But I have to tell you I hardly knew a camera was in the room. With all the looking and touching her soft body. Having her touch mine and a lot of things dreams are made of. Well at least mine.

First let me start off by saying that I have never, ever, ever,  ever, and EVER done anything like this before. But I think I may start to more often. Kissing a another girl like that with tongue and all …..WOW was that different. Very nice to all the senses. I was so shy and you can see that from a mile away. But there was no was I was gonna let this pass me by. Soon I was so into the moment we got out a new toy I had bought and the rest was history.  I am loving this video as well as my new partner in crime who share a whole new experience with me.
Editors' Note:  In this case, the video is even higher resolution in the DivX option, because the content was originally shot in that way.

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