Chapter 13
Volume I

Good thing I brought my designer shades, they look just right for this car photoshoot.  I slipped my panties aside so you can see the good stuff inbetween my legs while still wearing clothes.  My nipples get so hard with this kind of bra, and pop out nicely.  Against the wall we got more dressy and nude tease stuff.  Picture 136 and 137 I know you'll like, its of my pretty private parts & some good upskirt.

Back for another shoot today, and I've got all my clothes all sprawled on the floor.  Better to look at them all at once, to pick out what I want to wear in front of the photographer.  I had just come back from the gym in my workout sweats.  I put on a nice combination for today's shoot.  Out of the car I was told to show off my breasts while someone saw my boobs while he was driving by.   Can you say nervous on the butt shots?  I was definitely in my dorky mood today.
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