Chapter 13
Volume II

It was just a tad chilly in the shade, but in the sunset I was much happier.  You can see it in my smiles.  I didn't really have much makeup on, just lipstick and a little work around the eyes.  I like the headshots I had in this series. A lot of nice leggy pics in this one, I don't look chunky.  Keeping my dress on I put my leg up on the ledge and get some really sexy shots upskirt, with the panties off.

My hair goes down and I'm going down the stairs, feels like a broadway show....hello everyone standing on the street, enjoy the boob and butt tease show!  On the top of the building I had my breast popped out and doing some sunset headshots.  I even tried licking my breast, but they're too firm to push up like that.  The sun was in my eyes, so I close them and open them the moment the picture is taken & I don't squint.  Panty biting video!
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.