Chapter 141
Volume I

I have a brand new suede dress that I bought on Melrose in LA. Its red (one of my favorite colors to wear), laces up the side, and is shredded at the end. Not to mention a little loose on top. So loose that it was consistently hanging were you would be able to get a good look at my nipples (if you haven’t seen them already hehe) without me even knowing. It made me feel a little bit like a jungle girl or a cave woman.  So a lot of me playing around in nature, climbing, crawling and pretty much having a good time is what these pictures are all about. But I can only do that soooo long before I lose my new dress and continue playing in the nude.

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I almost give you the voyeurist feeling in the beginning of this video. Like your spying on your hot neighbors daughter as the is exploring the backyard and herself. Looking up my skirt when I bend over with no panties on. When the wind flies the top of my dress open. You get the idea.  Then I rip along strand of the suede off my dress and play with my nipples with it while the camera offers an extreme close up view. Now I am thinking what other private parts could I play with in the same manner as my nipples hehe…
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