Chapter 142
Volume I

I slipped into me silk black button up dress that give me that HOT CEO on Wall Street look. Since it was such a nice day we took it outside for the pictures to show off FTV’s new car a Mercedes Benz McLaren and my new breasts. No I didn’t get a boob job I would never do that. I am sure all of you notice the chest has a tendency to fluctuate the size. But never this much. I noticed them starting to grow about 2 weeks ago. Then while jogging they were getting in the way a lot more than usual that’s when I knew they were going to be the biggest they had ever been. My mom had always told me I would never have to worry about having nice boobs. Which I always thought I had but this is what she may have been talking about.  I have this feeling that they are still growing maybe I am a late bloomer. Oh and the car is pretty nice too. Hehe

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Since we are totally freaking out over the size of my chest this video is all about them. You can tell by my reaction to the way they feel (very good) and look (very nice) that I am not only in shock but overjoyed. They are soooo full and firm. It would take 3 of my hands to completely cover one of them. The camera gets every angle as I massage them with lotion and jump up and down. I love them and I hope they never go anyway. Oh did I forget to mention that my nipples are a lot bigger as well. Plus a lot more sensitive!!
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