Chapter 143
Volume I

Pink, pink, and pinker seems to be the theme of this update. With my breasts getting bigger by the day I love to try on different outfit more and more (if that is even possible). In fact a lot of my sleepwear doesn’t even hold my chest anymore my nipples are popping out with every move I make.  So I give you a lot of different points of view staring at me. Between my legs (no panties of course) up above looking down. Last but least the extreme close ups of all my private areas.

2000kb/sec High Resolution Video
Staying right along with the whole pink theme I decided to bust out another member present I had got from a fan up in Canada. It is the saddle type thing that you ride and while you are riding it, it will tickle your g-spot. Kind of like getting a work out while you cum hehe. It was all pink of course and felt like velvet. It is all controlled by remote control. I started off on the lowest one but as I began to get wetter I would bump it higher and higher and soon found myself grinding on it so hard that I came to one awesome orgasm. Not to mention a good work out lol. Thanks to my Canada member for what I can see as a ton of good workouts in the months ahead ;)
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