Chapter 144
Volume I

Well here we are back again. This is the official start of my back to Maui sets. I am out here for a week with FTV and Alison.
So we started off in these two piece Hawaiian style dresses that Alison and I had picked up while shopping earlier today. All the images are taken right outside our hotel room. Which happens to be a high traffic area. People were coming from every which way to
try to get a peek at the wetness between my legs. Which wasn't so hard to miss considering the lack of panties that I
have going on hehe. When the coast was clear I show it off for the camera and for you.

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We are just getting started so we take some time exploring the resort as well as my naked body at the resort lol. With Alison on the
video camera while the shoot is going on, I am sure that she has handled your needs when it comes to the upclose sneek peeks under my dress. Finally after being pretty much chased all over the 4th and 5th floor looking for a spot where I could lose my dress, I gave up and went and took a seat in the middle lobby area and climb all over the table and chairs. I figured if I can't beat'em
join 'em and let a few hotel guest get a look at nude shoot in progress. None of them seemed to mind hehe
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