Chapter 145
Volume I

Rain rain go away come again some other day. That may usually be the case but not if the rain comes while you are in Maui. See when it rains here everything is warm and the sky is still beautiful. Very tropical and very hot! kinda makes you want to grab somebody and run around stripping clothes of eachother and have a hot , wet makeout session. But since I have nobody to do that with here I guess I will just have to play with myself in the rain. Clothes sticking to the skin and wet hair makes for some super hot images.

Well as the rain starts to down pour off my terrace I can't help but drench myself in it. Its a huge turn on for me watching the rain drops hit my body and slide down different sensual parts of my body like between my breast and down my butt crack. Not to mention hard rain drops falling onto my nipples makes them super hard really fast. kisses from a maui rain storm
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