Chapter 146
Volume II

Well how about a little mid week bonus up-date to get the blood boiling?  All the images have been taken threw a time warp and turn to black and white. I love black and white photography, anyways I have on a little fishnet mini, make that micro mini dress that I picked up at my favorite bikini store by my salon.  This set different from all the other. Which means very artistic and that I don’t waste and time getting the point across.  With the deeply pleasing toy that one of my members sent to me. I give a pretty good description of what’s to come in the bonus video. 

I call this video “Paris Hilton” style.  I had a house guest staying with me. So I decided to have a little harmless fun, all while my guest was sleeping right below me. No not in another room. But right under my loft. Which I think the element of getting caught was one of the biggest turn ons and with the lights out even made moment super sexy and really naughty.  Luckily my new video camera is equipped with some great night vision (reason for the Paris Hilton title). It was kind of like you could see me but I can’t see you.  And with nothing to distract me while in my very own home. Almost getting busted was the last thing on my mind as I let my glass toy fulfill a much needed hard orgasm in the middle of the night.
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