Chapter 148
Volume I

I am all about 3 things at this moment in time… What might they be you ask,  we’ll showing some leg, my favorite toy, and making some super jaw dropping pictures for you involving  those 2 elements.  Super high heels with my super short skirt (with no panties might I add) make for one hot photo set. I am all over the ftv dining room. Table, chairs, floors, forward and backward. That is untilllll…….. 

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Until I cant take it anymore. Feeling all over my smooth skin I and ready to now do my 3 favorites activities that are my favorite pretty much anytime.  One of them being myself, the other my favorite toy, and last but not least a nice hard orgasm in the middle of the day. … So in the middle of the day I have some company surprise me.  Like the pool guys and the maids YIKES! But to close to turn back and with them so close really helped me release a nice, even a bit loud climax right in the middle of the kitchen during the middle of the day. xoxo
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